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Welcome to the web page for the Law Office of Richard Vaznaugh. Mr. Vaznaugh's office is located in San Francisco California and serves the people of Northern California.

  • Two Decades of Lawyering for California Workplace Rights.
  • 100% of our practice is in Employment Law, including pregnancy discrimination, disability discrimination, whistleblower cases, overtime, commissions, meal and rest breaks, severance pay, severance agreements, family and medical leave, sex discrimination, sexual harassment, wrongful termination, employment contracts, race discrimination, and age discrimination.
  • Mr. Vaznaugh has received a favorable verdict, award or settlement in more than 97% of his cases.
  • Mr. Vaznaugh is a 1994 graduate of University of California, Hastings College of Law, and has been continuously admitted to practice before all California Courts since 1994.
  • Contingent Fee Arrangements are available in most cases–this means that some or all of the legal fees and costs will be paid from the award or settlement at a conclusion of the case.
  • Our contingency fees, especially for the many cases that settle during mediation are often lower than our competitors.
  • Hourly and flat fee consultation rates are also available.

Mission Statement

I have designed my practice around the needs of employees and offer excellent and vigorous representation against large and mid-sized employers and any opposing counsel. Because my staff and I want adequate time to devote to each case, I maintain a limited case load. Through careful case analysis and strategy, we strive to give each case the individual time and attention necessary for appropriate and vigorous representation.

The fundamental mission of this office is to achieve the best result possible for each client. The office represents employees from executives to rank and file.

- Richard Vaznaugh

Employee Rights and Information Center

We offer a wealth of free workplace-related information in our Employee Rights and Information Center. Select a topic to continue:

Note: The information here discusses Federal and some state laws. While similar to Federal law, California employment laws often provide additional protections and damages.

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Practice Areas

The Law Office of Richard Vaznaugh assists plaintiffs in the following areas of employment law: Stock Option Disputes, Age Discrimination, Pensions and Benefits, Trade Secrets, Severance Packages, Physical and Drug Tests, Gender and Sex Discrimination, Libel and Slander, Defamation, Employment Contracts, Employment Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, Family and Medical Leave, Race or Nationality Discrimination, Covenants Not to Compete, Wrongful Termination, Workplace Disputes, Disability Discrimination, Reasonable Accommodation, Pregnancy Discrimination, Pregnancy Leave, Sick Leave, Gay and Lesbian Rights, Wages and Overtime Pay.

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Topic of the Week

What To Do If You're Injured At Work


Blog of the Week

We Need a Big National Strike Fund

More successful strikes help the entire labor movement. We should pay for them together.

Thought for the Week

"[When employees are injured], these are costs that are borne by society as a whole. The worker suffers in terms of pain and medical bills and lost wages. Employers suffer lost productivity, retraining costs, hiring costs. "

–Alvin Chang + Aliya Uteuova | The Guardian

List of the Week

from AFL-CIO | America's Unions

Work injury statistics from 2019 show:

1. Latino and Black workers are at greater risk for fatal injuries at work
2. There's 1 OSHA inspector for every 82, 881 workers
3. 275 died each day in 2019 from hazardous work conditions

Top Five News Headlines

  1. Registered and Authorized Medical Cannabis Patients in Puerto Rico Gain Employment Protections
  2. Mask Up, Mask Down: In Reversal, Health Officials Recommend Masks for Fully-Vaccinated Individuals. What is the Potential Impact on Employer Immunity?
  3. Lessons from Million Dollar OSHA Fine of Georgia Poultry Processor and Contractors
  4. Forging Commitments: How Manufacturers Can Promote Retention After Investing in Employee Training
  5. Oregon Issues Temporary Rule Expanding the Scope of its Paid Sick Leave Law During a Public Health Emergency

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